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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  August 7, 2013 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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left. thank you for being with us. the news continues. greta van susteran goes live. take it away. >> tonight the irs targeting investigating it just got bigger and just got worse. now the federal election commission caught in the web of scandals too. the house oversight committee demanding the fcc turn over records of communication for the irs and setting a deadline of august 21. jim jordan cosigned to the ftc and joins us. good evening, sir. >> good to be with you, greta. >> this letter today to the chairman of the ftc, why did you send it? >> greta, you have to remember, lois learner who first broke the story with the question and speech she was giving about the targeting of conservative groups started the false narrative about just being too rogue
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agents and then took the fifth amendment, the answers in front of our committee and wouldn't answer to the american people. she was communicating with someone in the counsel's office. the federal elections commission about the status of group seeking tax-exempt status. this is the same who prior to working at the irs worked at the federal elections commission. we want all this information and want every single e-mail she has sent to get to the bottom of this story. >> in your letter dated today, it said that william powers, an official in the office of general counsel e-mailed lois learner and directed the irs-exempt division on february 3rd, 2009. do you know what he e-mailed her about? >> well, we seem to think it's talking about americans issues project, a conservative organization, again, looking at their ability to get tax exempt status. the fact that she is
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communicating as one of the other commissioners, this is highly unusual and out of the ordinary. she is communicating with someone in the chief counsel's office about someone seeking tax exempt status. that has nothing to do with the federal election commission. nothing suggests that this is broader and deeper than just the irs. we have the security and exchange commission looking at the whole issue as well. we have the federal election commission and last week when they had the privilege of being on your show, we had katherine who faced the full weight of the federal government. simply for starting an organization called through the vote. visited by epa and osha. the full weight of the federal government. more and more evidence suggests it's not isolated to the irs and may include the securities and exchange commission and the federal elections commission.
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>> do you read in this letter, what i think is so notable, it uk tas about the february 3rd, 2009 e-mail to lois learner and then to the irs. it references back to july 2008. some communication at the ftc and irs are having. this predates president obama's november 2008 election. does that signal to you that at least it doesn't go as high as the white house? he was not even president then. >> it may, but what we do know is there is communication going on and that's not appropriate. we know it's communication about a question that it should be dealt with in the internal revenue service. that's what most concerns us. if it is referencing before then, remember lois learner worked at the commission before she went to the irs. maybe she is going clear back and concerned about this. the point is there is coordination between the two. what appears to be coordination between two agencies.
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>> in terms of the response you want, you want the response back by august 21st? last week i had a chance to question the acting commissioner and i said why don't we have all of lois learner's e-mails today? the lady at the center of the storm, the first thing you have done as commissioner is send us all her e-mails. who has she been talking to and what is she saying. if you truly want tosa the president said get to the bottom of this and work hand in hand with congress, you would think that would be the first thing you would send. they have yet to send her e-mails. no excuse for us not having that information. >> i'm with you on this. the transparency stuff is so -- i had it up to my -- over my head. it doesn't happen. you are not getting information. lois learner takes the fifth. i'm with you. you are not getting information. what i don't understand, i will give you a hard time, in this
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letter to the chair woman, you all say she has boy 2013 to respond. nobody is going to be in washington that day. nobody is am can be back to september. why do you want it by august 21st? >> we would like to sooner. that's a date we picked to give them some amount of time to get the information to us. >> it's going to sit there. >> they are working on this even though we are not in washington. >> that's sort of my side jab to evybody not working and taking a vacation. i fear that just the capital guards will be looking at it. i agree they ought to comply. >> our staff will be looking at it. >> all right. anyway, good luck and let us know when the ftc does comply to figure out for once and for all get answers and e-mail and go back and forth. thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> it's not just the irs and the fec. there is agreeing suspicion that
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the securities and exchange commission may be targeting conservative groups. the committee is demanding do you means too. the committee member joins us. good evening, sir. >> good evening, greta. >> what's up? i have seen this letter where you make a demand of the fec, mary jo white to comply with do you means by july 29th. i take it that didn't happen, right? >> well, no. it hasn't happened yet. we do anticipate getting those documents because we are entitled to those documents. here's the thing. you had all these career people in the ftc who are being asked to push this political speech angle and they were like look, this is not what we do. go to congress. when activists were not having success for that,the f it, c, they were implementing dodd
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frank which is hundreds of payments and being pushed to put that aside and take up this issue of corporate political donations. it's very strange and we think it's part of a broader effort connected with the irs and the fec. >> perhaps you might -- have they complied with the letter or not with the deadline of july 29th? is i take it the answer is no? >> i don't know. to my knowledge they have not complied fully with the letter. i haven't been in washington since friday. i did brief and received a briefing today with the staff, but it covered the broad issues of all three organizations. >> i suspect and i will be so bold to speak to the american people, as they listen to this and feel like you are being gamed a little bit. congressman jordan trying to get information and this is going on for months and you are not getting the information. it's bizarre. these are important issues and i
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don't know what's going to happen on either end. this whole pulling teeth to get information is an incredible waste of time. you ought to get the information if we ask for it. >> absolutely. we had danny can am in and he took 30 days to look at the irs and said oh, well, no intentional misconduct. really? this is something that happened over years and years. a lengthy investigation. there has been a lot of push back from the bureaucracy and the administration, but they are trying to protect their own interest. we have to be diligent. it is like pulling teeth. we get the run around and have the subpoena power, but it's difficult to always enforce that timely. we have to be diligent and we will be. we think the person people deserve the truth. >> i don't think the american people have much left. the message that these agencies are getting from the president down that this is a phony
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investigation. a phony scandal. as a consequence i don't think they are giving you the help that is due as an oversight. you have this old fashioned thing called subpoena. everybody could be here in washington today. you can issue a subpoena. that information would arrive at your doorstep by tomorrow morning at 9:00. if you want to put your pedal to the metal on this, you can. you will have to use subpoenas. >> i agree and more than that, with lois learner, she hasn't provided information. we think she waved her fifth amendment right. i would be in favor of calling her back and if she continues to refuse to answer questions, holding her in contempt of the congress. that would be appropriate because of the lack of information. >> what takes so long. why does it go weeks and months? is it what's up with this? >> when we do the hearing, we
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have a lot of staffers on the committee who are getting documents and conducting interviews and so the idea is to build the evidence and being able to bring it to the american people. i'm with you on the lois learner thing. her name keeps popping up. i would love to see resolution there. it's not my call. i'm a member of the committee. her hands have been in so many different things, she needs to be held accountable. >> if the president said these two agents, the fbc and the irs to cooperate now and right away rather than calling it phony that it wouldn't be like it's an uphill battle. you are obligated to provide an oversight. the president could help on this. >> he absolutely could and made his position clear. he doesn't think this is something he should have to deal with. his attorney general has not been very zealous in dealing
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with the misconduct and the i are, s. irs. it tells when the american people are asking for answers and puts pressure on the people in power. >> i hope the american people demand answers to move it and find out what did or did not happen and move on. we need cooperation from the administration on this. thank you, sir. >> absolutely. >> not all members of congress are using the five-week vacation to play golf or sit on the beach. a small number of holding a town hall meeting and getting an earful from a disgruntled electorate. they are angry from obama care to benghazi to the nsa. we have a report from a town hall meeting in maryland. >> if it's august it's town hall season and brave members of congress held them in 2013.
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>> secretly and confident and implemented. every person in this room. >>. >> i am very, very worried about what the nsa is doing. we are going to find out they were not complying with the law. i'm offended by the government knowing the record of every person of having access to every person i called. >> they still don't know. >> you have not seen the end of that investigation. >> there people, if you will, who are getting slammed by the politics. >> the people are going to be losing and you can't pay your bills. >> we heart discontent of what's going on with not taking care of the problems. you heard a lot of criticism of
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the president here. you heard about the issues and people who were worry and frustrated and seeing an economy who is not recovers and a president who is sitting on the side lines. they were fiddling. >> we did not see they effectively represented. as the voice of the house representatives, he can do a better job. >>. >> i want boehner out there saying we are going to impeach them with you. if you do not go along. >> we are dying out here. this is not a town meeting. >> we are losing the country. i want to see more defiance. >> boehner will not fight from mcconnell and the debate where joe biden sits there and took it from him. the american people are putting our hopes on the people to defend us and we get nothing.
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>> the americans are not laughin laughing. >> my first guest and only guest. the 44th president of the united states, barack obama. >> the president of the united states went to a late night comedy show. for his first ever statement about this increased terrorist threat. a late night comedy show. >> it's significant enough that we are taking every precaution. we had already done a lot to bolster security around the world, but especially in the mideast and north africa where the threats tend to be highest. >> here loves this stuff. he loves going on those shows. six times on jay leno. i think he is am cofortable there. far more comfortable than in the east room standing up and answering questions about what
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is going on. >> it's a diminishing thing that happened last night. the presidency was diminished last night. the country talking about being helped or loved. this is a small thing that happened. made the country look small and the presidency look small. >> the dana show joins us. nice to see you, dana. >> dana, a lot of attention on the president's 15 or 20 minutes or half hour on "the tonight show." of course today was at camp pendleton speaking to soldiers. that gets most of the attention. do you have the sense that the people you speak to on your radio show are satisfied that his attention is full speed ahead on the american people? >> no, people are not satisfied and it was really smart of him to go on jay leno. he can say he answered questions without really having to answer
10:16 pm
questions concerning all of the scandals about benghazi. the people who don't watch the headlines, they get a couple of seconds on the local news, but they stay up to watch late night television. answering things without really having to answer. the people who are most active and register and go door-to-door, those people who energize debates and elections, they are very unsatisfied. they feel that no questions are being answered. people are disgruntled. there is no transparency by this administration as the most transparent ever. >> where is the white house press core. they should be raising hell. they should be jumping up and down and getting together today and demanding the president take their questions. they are the ones who are steeped in the issues. where are they? >> that's the million dollar question. i think we are all watching that press conference and the last
10:17 pm
with jay carney, we have seen almost zero. i don't recall a single question about embassies and consulates. 19 different ones for a week. the question i would love to hear is how is that going to make our folks working overseas in these safer that we are going to wait a week. the terrorist problem doesn't go away. we didn't get any answers. the closest we got was jay leno asking. >> i give them hell for taking vacations. woo that expires at the end of september. that's it is not done. we have the debt ceiling and they took care of themselves for the exemption of health care. so everyone knows where i stand. some are working and holding town halls. i give them credit for that. do you have a problem with the vacation schedule and congress's vacation schedule? >> i don't begrudge everyone taking a vacation and having
10:18 pm
taken one. it's tradition for every president when they go on vacation to get a lot of heat. john adams took a lot of heat. he was away for eight months. that kind of might be different. the difference with this in particular is messaging, timing and expense. when bush went on vacation, he went to his ranch in texas. he didn't spend $20 million on repeated vacations to hawaii. he stayed in maine or texas. clinton rarely went on vacation. >> i wouldn't care if they all took six months off if they completed the work. the problem is i would say with all securities, with the continuing resolution left unsettled, the debt issue left unsettled, business people are sitting on the sidelines. as a consequence, they are not expanding and not hiring.
10:19 pm
this five-week vacation where they put off their work has a cons requestence for the american people. it's not just a vacation. i don't care if they take all of their vacation so the rest of us get on with our life. >> the timing is weird and i agree with you on that. get your work done and go on vacation. get it done first. like you said, my husband is a small business owner. so many people listen to my show and people on twitter and facebook. they are small business owners and their hands are tied. they don't know what's coming up. these people plan ahead and congress is not doing their job and not what they sent them there to go. that's not what they are here to do. >> thank you. as the viewers are here, they hang out on greta wire ask see that any time it's posted. dana, thank you. >> thanks, greta. >> a new poll shows most americans don't think congress
10:20 pm
earned its vacation. when asked if lawmakers work hard enough to deserve a break, 82% of voters say no. that brings us to the hot button issue. do you think president obama deserves his upcoming martha's vineyard vacation. yes or no? is it go to greta and vote in our poll. this is a fox news alert. a wildfire burning out of control in southern california. you are looking at live pictures from banning, california. a wildfire scorching 5,000 acres, destroying many homes. three mountain towns are under mandatory evacuation. one firefighter injured and tonight air quality warnings are going out to most of riverside county. we will continue updates and the wildfire later in the program. but straight ahead, news tonight that obama care just hit another hurdle. you won't like this one. it is your personal information
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from electricity to gas to extend your driving range. no wonder volt is america's best-selling plug-in. that's american ingenuity to find new roads. ♪ the 2013 volt. charge ahead of the rest in the hov lane. ♪ u the obama administration misses another and critical obama care deadline that could spell big problems for you and your very, very private and personal information. >> obama care is very, very destructive. what it's doing to the country is very, very very bad. we have just seen the beginning. >> a report said the government is behind in testing its computer systems to ensure the obama care exchange is secure.
10:25 pm
inspector general report released this month that if there additional delays in completing the authorization package, cms and cio my not have an assessment of risk and controls needed for the agdy authorization period needed to begin on october 1st, 2013. >> we need to make sure that we get the president's health care plan out of the way to get the economy moving again. >> a former hhs general council and social security comme you, sir. >> nice to see you. >> the roll out date is october 1st for obama care where these exchanges open up. we are supposed to have security. where do we stand? >> it's chaos. it has been chaos for several years. administrator ber wick went very slowly in designing the system.
10:26 pm
they played catch up and didn't have the time and money to do it right. they started doing shortcuts and shortcuts on privacy. social security and irs appealed to the white house and waited until the two commissioners left to make a decision and abused the privacy act and rammed it right down the agency. >> it's not like obama care was passed last week. they have known about it whether you like it or love it and however you feel about it. why did they wait? it's a big job. pa. >> it was really personal incompetence. administrator ber wick didn't want to make cuts. the secretary would not give him money from the fund she had and so he went around trying to force other agencies that had these pieces of the project like the social security administration and tried to
10:27 pm
bully mooey into paying for the system which was nuts. that was critical. these systems and i had experience building a lot of systems like this. we overhauled all the services when i was commissioner of social security. they take a long time. you can't make it up and do it right at the end. they are in that position and the people trying to run it now to some extent have been stuck by the mistakes that were made in 2010, 2011, and 2012. >> they missed the may 13th deadline that was supposed to be presented. a beta testing after that. we are way behind schedule. october 1 is rapidly approaching. what happens if there is no guarantee on the security and we provide this personal information. are they going to stop the enrollment or force people to put their information at risk? >> it's not clear exactly what's going to happen. unfortunately when you read the report there is hints that they
10:28 pm
are resigned to the fact that no matter what the problems are, it's going to be approved by the information officer on the theory that it can be fixed later. i found that to be one of the several depressing aspects. it puts americans in a difficult position because if you do not get health insurance on the affordable care act, you can be fined. if you have to get it through the health exchange and i that are not working, are you really going to be fined? they know that this is a problem. this is not a secret with an hhs or the white house. they are not fessing up and being straight with the american people that there is a serious problem with the system. they are embarrassed. they do not want to take the time to do it right. that's what leaders should do in this country. >> that's what makes the show -- at wit's end. i have insurance and i am lucky i have a job.
10:29 pm
all the things that people want. to have people whose job it is to take care of this not doing their jobs and not being here after saying they could and promising they could. it's an agency job and the white house job or capitol hill. it's beyond me to the point of cruelty. you are supposed to do your job. i don't get it. >> of course they took options away from the state by not being candid. they have to make the choice whether to have their citizens use the federal system or use their own. many states created their own. we had the first here in massachusetts. maryland has one. a lot of the states have opted to go into the federal exchange. i think if they were straight with them, this is a problem and we are having issues on privacy and having issues on timing, i think a lot of states would have
10:30 pm
made a different decision than the they made. >> would delaying the mandate, would that be a possible band-aid for the problem to buy time? >> i think so. it's what they did for businesses. they had a somewhat parallel set of mishaps on a lot of the regulations and systems that i needed for business and a fierce lobbying campaign. the administration painted it as a favor to business where the truth is that hhs was not ready. this is mostly lower income americans that we are talking about who are uninsured. they don't have the same organized lobbying groups that others have. they are getting the short end of the stick. no one is standing up for largely lower income americans and we are going to be forced to use this system where it might not work at all and if it does,
10:31 pm
their privacy will be put at risk. >> thank you. when we watch this very closely, thank you, mike. >> thank you. >> coming up, what bombshell did president obama drop on russia? ambassador john is here to talk about that next. also, it is more explosive than an action movie. sylvester stallone, bruce willis and harrison ford starring in a twitter war. that's coming up. bjorn earns unlimited rewas for his small business take theseags to room 12 please. [ garth ] bjors small busiss earns double miles on every purchase every day. produce delivery. [ bjorn ] just put it on my spark card. [ garth why settle for less? ahh, oh! [ garth ] great businesses deserve limited reward here's your wake up call. [ male announcer ] get the spark business card from capital one and earn unlimited rewards. choose double miles or 2% cash back on every purchase every day. what's in your wallet? [ crows ] now where's the snooze button? like carpools... polly wants to know if we can pick her up.
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10:36 pm
woj firefighter has been hurt. we have the latest on the breaking news. president obama snubbing russian president putin, cancelling the up am can be one on one meeting in moscow because president obama doesn't like that putin snubbed him by granding edward snowden temporary asylum. president obama is still going to st. petersburg, russia for the g-20 meeting. good evening, sir. >> good evening. glad to be with you. >> would you meet with putin if you were president obama? >> i wouldn't at this point because of snowden, but let's be clear. cancelling the meeting has all the impact on putin of obama fluttering his eyelids. it's purely symbolic. who what snowden has done to us and what the russians are trying to do by getting ahold of the information is causing us real damage.
10:37 pm
i think in order to focus putin's thinking is we need to do things that cause him pain as well. i know that not having a chance to have a bilateral meeting with his buddy, barack obama will kuz him to lose sleep, it's not damaging interest. >> we have enormous interest dealing with russia. reduction of the ballistic missile inventories, that's thing that we have the problems in syria. iran with nuclear weapons and the third. we have got surs matters that we would like to have at least a dialogue with russia. on the other hand this whole snowden thing was terrible. what would you do if you were president? >> the russian interest or at least the way they are carrying out policy is utterly adverse to us on every one of the grounds. they have flown cover for the weapons program even though it's not in their interest.
10:38 pm
they got expanded sachgzs and protected the assad regime in syria and outnegotiated the obama administration in an embarrassing way on the new start on strategic nuclear weapons and consistently outmaneuvered over 4 1/2 years and embarrassed the approximate the on his reset button. the fact is that every time we talk to the russians, they outmaneuver us. i'm just as happy to make more concessions. >> this is not just president obama going back to president putin was someone with whom he can deal. this is a chronic issue with russia. >> bush said i can see into his soul. that turned out maybe not to be accurate, but the real question is i don't think president obama yet understands what it means to negotiate or to deal with or how to handle a great power that is
10:39 pm
also an adversary. obama said the other night kbaping about putin that he was behaving in a cold war sfagz. he's not. he is carrying out policies consistent with russia's national interest. those policies happen at least in my view to be directionally contrary to american national interest. i don't think president obama understands the concept of clashing national interest or what to do about them. >> it seems that we are in a particularly perilous time in history with all that's going on with egypt and syria and a cold war relationship and sliding back in that direction with russia. things are not advancing with a direction they feel optimistic. >> no. in large part that's because of the policies of weakness obama pursued. way to make putin feel pain is to reverse the geopolitical
10:40 pm
strategy that they followed. i would get out with russia and return to building a missile defense capability and trying to get the bases for radars and missiles in poland. the czech republic again. i would reject any idea of negotiating with russia about missile defenses and build and not worry about them. i don't think we should forget we should make china feel pain here for giving snowden asylum if are a couple of days and then allowing him to escape to moscow. the lesson putin learned watching what we did not do to china is putin could get away with it and so far they are both right. >> thank you. it has been an enormously dangerous thing as well. thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> fox news alert amber alert across oregon and washington state for two children who may
10:41 pm
have been kidnapped by their mother's killer. the hunt is on for 1y5i78z dimaggio. he murdered a woman and took off with one or both of her children. the body of christina anderson was found in his burned down home. the remains of a child were also found and have not been identified. police believe dimaggio kidnapped hannah and ethan. they have not been seen since saturday. he is driving a blue 2013 nissan versa. anyone who sees it is asked to call 911 immediately. coming up, a chilling secret uncovered and a popular college professor turns out to be a multiple killer. you have never seen a fantasy camp like this one. movie fans flocking to the hunger games camp. why some say the camp goes way too far. that's coming up. ♪
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forget swimmi . >> forget swimming and tennis. a new summer camp is fighting to the death. is "the hunger games" summer camp the camp inspired by the wildly popular and controversial book turned movie trilogy. the hunger games is about teenage killers. just like the movies, they try to hunt each other down and collect flags from other children to signify a killing, but they assure there is no actual killing. the theme is too violent and some kids are kicking and stepping on each other. is the camp too violent or all in good fun. go to greta wire and vote in the poll. we are back in two. l. l. we are back in two. i'm beth... and i'm michelle. and we own the paper cottage.
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>> this is weird. a popular college professor's dark past comes to light. a campus stunned to learn the professor executed his family 46 years ago. dave kinney is a chicago shun times joins us. >> greta, how are you? >> good. what happened 46 years ago? >> the night before a vietnam war protest rally that a young 15-year-old planned to attend and his father wouldn't let him, he came home from a movie with his sister and about two hours later, he proceeded to gun down his family and shot his father and shot his sister including in the face. he shot his mother. this appears to be have been a premeditated crime and he wound up going to trial for the murder of his father, but he was exonerated on the basis that he was insane. doctors determined hoefs a
10:48 pm
paranoid schizophrenic and went to a psychiatric hospital and was released. he went on to change his name legally and that's where the story leading to mill kin university went. he studied psychology and here we are. >> now it has come out and the university is learning for the first time his original name as well as his past. is the university community standing behind him or not? >> there is a big segment of former students and faculty who are standing behind him and following the lead of the university itself which described his academic career as remarkable. they expect him to be teaching classes in the fall. there is not a ton of protest in decatur, illinois, but i spoke with congressman rodney davis who represents that area and is an alumnus of mill kin. he is surprised and said he
10:49 pm
wouldn't send his daughter to this school as long as he is on the faculty. >> we will be watching the story and i hope you keep us abreast of it. thank you, dave. >> thank you. >> straight ahead, get out your popcorn and a crash helmet. three movie stars are at each other's throats in a twitter war. that's next. ♪ it was the best day whoo! yes! ♪ it was the best day ♪ ♪ it was the best day yeah! ♪ it was the best day ♪ecause of yo
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>> greta: it's time to hash it out. oh, no. . >> time to hash it out. the headlines on twitter. easy now, it's not another nude selfie. honored to be asked to do dancing with the stars, a great show in an energetic. they can't for lots of reasons including a bad foot. thanks. they chose to compete on the next season of "dancing with the stars." it's too bad we were hoping for another wardrobe malfunction. not that kind of wardrobe malfunction. more like a time delay wardrobe faux pas on the show. remember the red pants? while we didn't think sylvester stallone would get a christmas card from bruce willis, they are going at it and not on the silver screen. did you hear about this one? stallone tweeting out willis out, harrison ford in.
10:54 pm
great news. waiting years for this. stallone was talking about the third installment of the expendables in which willis was supposed to star. i would have put you in the deepest darkest hole. i knew that one day would come when you were going to pay me back. today is that day. >> it seems like a tip between the stallone and willis and now willis is out and harrison ford was in. what is it all about? moments after the first tweet, stallone support this out? greedy and lazy. a sure formula for career failure. ouch. and look, ma, no hands. trust me, you have never seen a delivery service like this. tweeting video, chinese man carries mattress home with two hands. also he is righting a bike. check it out. ever seen anything like that? whoa, right? are you looking to play hooky
10:55 pm
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>> greta: are you looking to you looking to do landscaping? goets for hire. goats are cleaning up the grounds by eating through them. >> they come into a site like this, you would have to blanket the whole area with a foalier application. that means killing everything. where as the goats will defol yeat it.
11:00 pm
>> if you think of them like 2-year-old. they explore the world with their mouths. they don't have hands. one of the best things i like is watching people watch the goats. >> i like the brown one. >> good night from washington. hello, everybody, i am eric bolling, with kimberly guilfoyle, bob beckel, greg gutfeld and dana perino. this is "the five." leadership, management, priorities in order, all things you'd want in a commander in chief. mr. president, what you do in the hours after announcing the widest evacuation of american m embassie embassies? >> had a bunch of friends come over, don't see that often from high school and college. we played a little golf and then tried to play a little basketball. >> oh, that's so nice, golf, basketball. seriously, you